Understory Update – October 2015

With summer sadly behind us, and winter on the way (for those of us in the North) we can at least distract ourselves from the forthcoming chills by busying ourselves with our frogs and vivaria.

Autumn always heralds an increase in breeding for many species. We currently have a good availability on many Ranitomeya. Our auratus stock is replenished with most of the morphs we offer available now. Many tinctorius have come on land in the last few weeks, so soon we should have many morphs of tinctorius available. Azureus, Cobalts, La Fumee, Alanis, Lorenzo, Citronella, Table Mountain are all available now or in the coming weeks.

We just released the stunning Reticulated fantastica through Indoor Ecosystems who introduced them at the just past NARBC show in Chicago. We have a very limited number of those still available for our Canadian customers as well as for the November US shipment, and will have more for the March 2016 shipment. This form will be made available to our European distributors as well mid 2016.

Indoor Ecosystems has several species available now, which were not sold at the NARBC. These can be shipped at any time. Contact us or Indoor Ecosystems directly for this list.

Thanks as always for your patronage!

Best wishes,
Understory Enterprises Inc.