Understory Update – July 2017

With summer here it’s time we start looking forward to fall availability.  We will be well stocked on lots of Ranitomeya including some like the Shucushuyacu and Pampa Hermosa morphs of R. benedicta – both of which have been in short supply lately.  Speaking of benedicta, we have decided to release the Yellow morph of benedicta in September in the US and Canada, and early 2018 they will be available for Europe.  We have been working with this form for several years, and found it to be, for us at least, a little stingier with the reproduction than the other forms, which is why we don’t have quite enough to offer them simultaneously in the US and Europe.  Availability really is quite limited.  Also now available is another imitator morph from near Yurimaguas.  This form is directly sympatric with the true nominal form of R. fantastica.

Our Mantella have bred quite well this year.  We still have some stock of now nearly full grown Mantella expectata and madagascariensis from last year’s production.  More aurantiaca, crocea and viridis will be available this fall.  These are great frogs and do excellent in sizable groups, and really deserve more attention from hobbyists.

We are taking pre-orders for a late summer shipment from WIKIRI. We will only import frogs that are pre-ordered and can be picked up or shipped out within one week of arrival. This is for Canadian customers only. We need orders by July 21st, so if interested please email us for availability, prices and other info.

On a different note, we will be offering a guided tour of the Tarapoto region in November of this year through Understory Explorer.  If anyone wants to see the forest and frogs of this spectacular area please contact us for more information.  If the interest is there we will run tours a couple of times throughout the year.  I think travel is an important part of this hobby, and enjoying the frogs in their natural habits allows for new levels of insight and appreciation for these animals and the forests they hail from.

Hope you all are enjoying the summer months.

PS.  The field stories will resume with our next installment!