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Understory Update – June 2015

It is officially summer, but the spring rains have not stopped here; June has been a wet month this year.  Bad news for camping and outdoor activities, but great for the frogs; with storm system after storm system moving through the frogs have been amazingly prolific.

Our availability list is really starting to flesh out again.  We were a little caught off guard with a surge of overseas orders to fill early this year and were sold out of many species we usually have well stocked.  By the time the late summer/autumn shows season starts our availability list should be more robust and comprehensive than ever.

Speaking of shows, we will once again be attending the Canadian Reptile Breeders Expo in Toronto this year.  The show dates are September 19th & 20th.  We will have a huge selection of frogs and a fantastic selection of terrarium plants, from common favourites to some incredible uncommon ones.  We always look forward to this show, and hope to see many Canadian hobbyists there.

Continuing on the show theme, Indoor Ecosystems will be attending the NARBC Show in Tinley Park, IL  on October 10th & 11th.  We will be doing a special export prior to the Show to provide Indoor Ecosystems with our stock to have on hand at the show.  Of course pre-orders for pick up at this show are also welcome.

Our next US Shipment is scheduled for Sept. 14th.  As always, please inquire for a complete list of availability and prices.

We also have European shipments in the works to each of our three loyal European distribution partners: Dutch Rana, Dendroworld and Hobby-Zoo.  We will be sending a huge variety of Ranitomeya, including the first of our vanzolinni to make their way to Europe, as well as more summersi and true nominal fantastica.  There will also be lots of Mantella species and other dendrobatids.  For anyone in Europe interested in any of our frogs, by all means contact one of these three shops and they can help you acquire them.   We always enjoy hearing from European hobbyists, so don’t hesitate to contact us as well with any questions you might have regarding outgoing shipments or otherwise!

Finally, we are expecting our next WIKIRI shipment mid-July.  There will be a few extra Diablo sylvatica available for sale in Canada only.  These are really outstanding frogs, and the colours are incredibly intense.  We are continually amazed at the work WIKIRI has done with their efforts in Ecuador, but their work with the large Oophaga has really raised the bar!  They are an asset to the hobby and the industry, and we are always grateful for the opportunity to work with WIKIRI.

Hope the summer is good to everyone!

Best wishes from everyone here at UE to all of you.

Understory Enterprises Inc.

Understory Update – March 2015

Our stock list is slowly becoming replenished. In the coming months species and morphs that have been noticeably absent from our lists such as several auratus, tinctorius and even a few Ranitomeya should all be back in stock and regularly available throughout the year.

WIKIRI Shipments

A few WIKIRI shipments are in the works. The first to the US, direct to Indoor Ecosystems, is due to land shortly – in early May. Orders are closed for this shipment, but we are taking orders for a subsequent September shipment direct from WIKIRI.

In July we will be bringing in another shipment to Canada from WIKIRI, included on this will be a few of the Diablo sylvatica. We received a small shipment of these in February and I can’t say enough about the quality of the frogs and the intensity of the colours! Very impressive. We also received, Cielito tricolor, and Ankas and Santa Isabella anthonyi. While we are sold out of the Cielito, we still have a few of both of the anthonyi forms available. They are both really impressive morphs, and the colours are extremely vibrant. WIKIRI has really done some impressive work producing these frogs.

Please inquire for pricing and further info if you are interested in WIKIRI frogs.

US Shipments

Our next shipment to the US via Indoor Ecosystems is scheduled for June 8th with orders due by May 20th.

We have a nice variety of Ranitomeya and Mantella available for this shipment. We still have a few nearly full grown true nominal fantastica available too. We may also have a few more Ameerega silverstonei ready to go for this shipment as well. For anyone looking for an impressive treefrog, we will have a limited number of Cruziohyla craspedopus available for this June shipment as well.

Something else we are excited about is the release of the first Oophaga species from our collaborative efforts with the CRARC. We have a limited number of O. pumilio “Rufous Ridge” ready to go for this June shipment.

As always, half of the sale price of each CRARC frog sold is donated to the CRARC so that Brian and his team can continue their scientific and conservation work in Costa Rica.

Finally I want to bring attention to an issue that many of you, particularly in Canada may have heard about. I am referring to the ban of all frogs of the family Dendrobatidae in the Province of Alberta. This ban caught the entire exotic pet community in Canada by surprised and for a long time any details as to what led to the decision were extremely murky. The only thing that was clear is that it appeared to be based on grossly inaccurate and sensationalized interpretation of what was meant by the name “Poison Frog”, and a complete lack of regard for what nearly 40 years of scientific research has taught us about Dendrobatid toxicity in Captivity. For an over view, please read this article by Dr. Jason Brown I will now defer to the words of Lucas Neter of Jungle Jewels Exotics and allow him to explain in detail the current situation in Alberta. I am cautiously optimistic that through engaging with appropriate channels that this ban can be reversed. Lucas writes:

Currently we at Jungle Jewel Exotics have been working with PIJAC, and a group of individuals, business (including UE) local (to Alberta) Reptile Societies to help reverse the current ban of Dendrobatidae and Aromobatidae within Alberta that was enacted by the AESRD (Alberta Environmental and Sustainable Resource Development). During a previous review of the Alberta Fish and Wildlife act in 1997 by the AESRD, the only family of Dendrobatidae that was restricted in Alberta was Phyllobates. That is until recently, with the sudden and unexpected revision to the Fish and Wildlife Act under the section of controlled species, to now include ALL POISON ARROW FROGS (Family Dendrobatidae and Family Aromobatidae). Until now Albertans have been able to legally acquire and keep these frogs; however, in what seems like an overnight decision these same hobbyists have now been placed in a compromising position. Government officials have released a letter to people known to keep these frogs. In this letter people are told that they have until April 30, 2015 to “Divest” (get rid of) their frogs. However the options are very limited. People can send all frogs out of province at the owner’s expense, donate them to the accredited Zoos, or to anyone with a research permit already issued by the Government, or ultimately hand them over to Fish and Wild Life officials for them to deal with. Officials have also advised that no grandfather permits will be issued to people that had acquired the frogs legally before any known regulation change.

We at Jungle Jewel Exotics are committed to work with officials to overturn this ruling; however, we still need everyone’s support. You can help support our cause by signing our petition to ask the AESRD to reverse the ban on Dendrobatidae and Aromobatidae by visiting We may, as a last resort, also need to take our fight to the next level and seek legal support. While we have raised funds to help this we are asking that anyone willing to help fund the fight visit our campaign and donate what they can. Any money not used directly to overturn the regulation in Alberta will be donated to help others fight similar battles, and/or donated to organizations currently working on the conservation of the frogs in the wild. To donate please visit For more information and to keep up-to-date with these changes you can visit as well as

You can also get involved with your local Reptile and Amphibian Society. Within Alberta, you have two to choose from. In Edmonton you can join ERAS (Edmonton Reptile and Amphibian Society) visit their site If you live in Calgary you can join TARAS (The Alberta Reptile and Amphibian Society) visit their site

Lastly I wish to thank PIJAC (Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council) for helping band together the group of people dedicated to help have this regulation overturned, and to continue to work with officials on matters like this. To see what they do, and to become a member please visit

Happy Frogging!

Lucas Neter and Dawn Soul

As you can see, the situation is disheartening, and should be a concern for anyone passionate about keeping frogs or other exotics. I urge everyone keeping dendrobatid frogs to stop using the term poison frog for these frogs, as the name itself conjures up misperceptions amongst the uniformed. As we all know these frogs are completely harmless in captivity, and save for the three Phyllobates species (terribilis, bicolor, aurotaenia) are harmless in the wild as well. As Dr Brown suggests, and as indigenous people through the Peruvian Amazon call these frogs, we too should begin referring all Dendrobatid frogs other than the genus Phyllobates as Painted Frogs. Unfortunately in an age when news is increasingly sensationalized and so much of the nature programming is produced with scientific accuracy taking a back seat to ratings and mass appeal, the name poison frog will be continuously misinterpreted.

Thanks for reading this far.

Best wishes to all of you,

Understory Enterprises Inc.

Understory Update – January 2015

Happy New Year!

We hope everyone had a great Christmas and Holiday season. Hard to believe 2014 has come and gone. Looking ahead, 2015 looks to be a busy and exciting one.

Look for the launch of our new website which is long overdue, by Late February/early March.

We are expecting a shipment into Canada from WIKIRI sometime in February. We are hoping to coordinate with Indoor Ecosystems a direct to US shipment sometime in the spring.

Our first US shipment via Indoor Ecosystems is scheduled for March 16th with orders due by March 1st. We have a fairly robust inventory once again. We are excited to finally offer the true nominal fantastica. This is the holotypic form of fantastica, and as you can see, it is clear why it was named “fantasticus”. Please email us for a complete availability list.

Also of note is that we now have sporadic and limited availability of Ameerega silverstonei. We recommend these for experienced keepers only. We hope to see the release of these frogs leading to a firmer establishment of this species in captive collections.

We are also looking forward to a full show schedule this year. This will be the first year in several that we will be regularly vending on the Reptile Expo Circuit in Ontario. Please watch for show dates and updates.

Finally please check us out on Instagram. Our Facebook page has long been neglected and as far as I am concerned is beyond the point of resuscitation. However, posting a picture or two rather frequently on Instagram seems to be a social media commitment I might be more apt to adhere to!

Best wishes to everyone for a prosperous, happy and peaceful New Year!
Understory Enterprises Inc.