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    Toxicity of Poison Dart Frogs
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    Reticulated Glass Frog
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Featured Frog: Tesoros de Colombia

Of the 4 species remaining in the genus Dendrobates, truncates is by far the most poorly represented in captivity. Unfortunately this medium sized Colombian endemic species is overshadowed by its often flashier cousins, and thus underappreciated by most enthusiasts and is in seemingly perpetual risk of disappearing from the hobby. This is a shame as it is a wonderful species, and truncates like leucomelas are well suited for housing in a small colony. It is a bold species and a wonderful choice for a first time keeper or seasoned veteran looking for something a little different. F1 animals are available now, and we can even take an accurate guess on sexing a limited number of them.

Gastrotheca riobambae

A rare curious marsupial frog.

  • Sourced from Wikiri
  • Easily sexable
  • Sold in trios

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