Understory Update – January 2024

I hope everyone is off to a great start this year. For us we are off to a busy start. We have ramped up production of many species and have been revitalizing groups of many species so that we can offer an increasingly robust section of captive bred Dart Frogs.

Our first frog shipment to Indoor Ecosystems in the United States is scheduled for March 12th. We have some great sales on for that shipment. In addition, we have many sexable animals available so whether you want to start with a reliably sexed group, or are looking to complete a pair or expand a group, don’t hesitate to inquire; chances are we might have what you need.

We are hopeful to resume shipping to Europe once again this year.  Admittedly, it has taken us longer than anticipated to get the ball rolling on this again.  

We are also looking for reliable importers in the UK and other countries abroad who would be interested in working with us (on a wholesale basis generally) to import.  We can supply the CITES, Health Certificates, and other necessary export documentation.  Reach out to us if this sounds interesting to you or your business.


Our terrarium plant selection continues to grow.  March will see the commencement of our US shipments of plants for 2024.   We aim to ship orders about every 6 weeks this year until late fall or as long as weather permits.  US customers can order directly from www.indoorecosystems.com and don’t forget to check back regularly for updates and re-stocks!

Last year we successfully exported our plants all over the world and we will continue to do so this year.  We can acquire phytosanitary certificates expediently for quick order fulfillment to many countries worldwide.  We have a huge selection of small and obscure neotropical ferns, aroids, begonia, marcgravia and more.  

Finally, we are completing the finishing touches of a long overdue new website!  Watch out for that in the near future.  

Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook as we regularly post new offerings and sneak peaks to up and coming plants and frogs on Instagram.  

Wishing you all a successful and healthy year!
Understory Enterprises Inc.

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