Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a storefront where we can come and browse?

No, Understory does not currently have a storefront. Our breeding facility is not opened to the public, and currently we are not scheduling appointments. If you are passing through the Chatham area and would like to pick up an order rather than having it shipped, please contact us to schedule a meeting time and location in the Chatham Area.


Do you sell sexed pairs or sexed animals?

Generally no as most frogs sold are between 3-6 months out of the water, an age where accurate sexing is generally not possible. If any availability of sexed animals or pairs arises, they will be noted within the price list. If you do not see sexed animals advertised on the pricelist then they are not available.


What’s the best beginner frog?

There are many species equally well suited for the beginner and equally hardy in our experience. Some of these are D. azurues, tinctorius, leucomelas, and auratus (though many of the auratus morphs are somewhat shier than the aforementioned species. Another excellent option is Phyllobates vitattus.


Can I mix two or more species together?

We highly recommend not mixing two species or morphs together. In cases more often than not one species or morph will out compete the other for food and available resources often leaving one species or morph weakened and more susceptible to illness.


How many frogs can I put in a tank?

For most dart frogs a good rule of thumb is one frog per every 5 gallon of floor space.


I own a restaurant, tattoo parlour, etc. Can you send me a wholesale pricelist?

Sorry, wholesale pricing is only available to pet shops, wholesales, re-sellers etc., with legitimately registered business operating within the Pet trade. Just because you can buy pizza sauce and seasoning wholesale does not qualify you to purchase frogs wholesale.


I am interested in x amount of frogs, can you give me a discount?

Any quantity discounts if available are noted in our price lists. Please contact us for price lists here.


Can you export?

Yes, we can potentially export to practically any country in the world. However it is up to you as an importer to be sure that you are in compliance will all import requirements of your country. We can prepare CITES, veterinary health certificates and all other export documentation that may be required from Canada as the exporting country, however it is your responsibility to obtain proper import permits etc for your country.


What shipping methods are available?

We use Reptile Express for domestic frog shipments and major airlines for any international shipments. Plants are shipped by FedEx or Purolator and supplies are shipped by Courier or Canada Post.


Do advertised prices include tax?

No, applicable taxes are not included in advertised prices.


How do I set up a vivarium?

We have provided a brief care sheet for dart frogs and mantellas here. However there are about as many ways to design and set up a vivarium as there are dendrobatids themselves. We highly encourage any first time keepers to read as much as they can prior to acquiring their first frogs.