Understory Update – January 2015

Happy New Year!

We hope everyone had a great Christmas and Holiday season. Hard to believe 2014 has come and gone. Looking ahead, 2015 looks to be a busy and exciting one.

Look for the launch of our new website which is long overdue, by Late February/early March.

We are expecting a shipment into Canada from WIKIRI sometime in February. We are hoping to coordinate with Indoor Ecosystems a direct to US shipment sometime in the spring.

Our first US shipment via Indoor Ecosystems is scheduled for March 16th with orders due by March 1st. We have a fairly robust inventory once again. We are excited to finally offer the true nominal fantastica. This is the holotypic form of fantastica, and as you can see, it is clear why it was named “fantasticus”. Please email us for a complete availability list.

Also of note is that we now have sporadic and limited availability of Ameerega silverstonei. We recommend these for experienced keepers only. We hope to see the release of these frogs leading to a firmer establishment of this species in captive collections.

We are also looking forward to a full show schedule this year. This will be the first year in several that we will be regularly vending on the Reptile Expo Circuit in Ontario. Please watch reptileexpo.ca for show dates and updates.

Finally please check us out on Instagram. Our Facebook page has long been neglected and as far as I am concerned is beyond the point of resuscitation. However, posting a picture or two rather frequently on Instagram seems to be a social media commitment I might be more apt to adhere to!

Best wishes to everyone for a prosperous, happy and peaceful New Year!
Understory Enterprises Inc.