Understory Update – February 2017

We had intended this newsletter to go out in January, but somehow January got away from us! So this has new become the February edition.

Inside the buildings the frogs have been breeding extremely well! One of the major changes we have been working on the past 12 to 18 months was the expansion of our tinctorius groups so that we could have a more robust and consistent availability of many of these morphs for both retail and wholesale customers across the world. We currently have many tinctorius tadpoles of many morphs in the water and coming on land. In a few months, when they are of size, they should be more consistently represented on our lists.

Our Ranitomeya are breeding well too, and species we have been low on should be available again soon such as R. benedicta and several of the imitators. We have lots of great fantastica and amazonica available too, some at greatly reduced prices for the spring. At ZEF in Peru we are working with some really exciting new species and morphs that should be coming throughout the next few years. We have begun rebuilding and expanding the capacity of our infrastructure in Iquitos so that we can focus on production of many exciting Ranitomeya, Amereega and a few other interesting frogs from Peru.

Our next US shipment is tentatively set for March 20th. We are happy to release for the first time in a few years more Amereega pongoensis. This frog is a gem and is a competitor for my favourite Amereega. As always inquire directly to Understory for price and availability of these and other frogs for our next US shipment (via Indoor Ecosystems).

The next show we will be attending is the Downsview Reptile Expo on Sunday, February 26th. I think I told many people at the January show that I wouldn’t be at the February show, well that was a lie! I actually had a trip to Peru tentatively scheduled for then, but the dates of travel have changed allowing for attendance at the Downsview Expo. It is always nice to chat with many Ontario froggers at these shows.

Last newsletter I threatened to include some field stories as part of our new monthly updates, so here it is: Tamshiyacu – Spilled Milk