Understory Update – April 2018

It has been a while since our last newsletter. Since we have been posting more on Facebook and Instagram, I thought that gave me some liberty to slack on the newsletters; however, some people have been inquiring, so here you go!

Finally, it looks like spring is around the corner. This means as usual lots of frogs up and coming. From late December through May is usually when many of our dart frogs are their most productive. This I think is largely due to slightly cooler temperatures in the buildings.

Our tinctorius and auratus availability should be good going into the summer. Some less common varieties like La Fumee, Koetari River and Table Mountain D. tinctorius will all be available in the coming months. We have also a nice crop of powder blue, oyapok, azureus, cobalts and alanis growing up – many are ready to ship now. We even have a few Patricia coming along. This is a gorgeous frog that I just cannot seem to get to produce as well as the other tincs. We are beginning to see the first signs of reproductive behaviour from a few pairs of Lorenzo we have held back – keep your fingers crossed for these later in the year.


We have lots of Colombian yellow, microspot, el cope, blue and bronze auratus growing up nicely now. Following these will be more campana, CRARC green and black auratus and even some Colombian blue auratus. Its been a while since we have had any of those small turquoise frogs available. Finally, we will have giant blue auratus back in stock for the fall. They have not bred for nearly two years (I have no idea why) but they have been breeding really well for the past several weeks, so those should make a regular, and hopefully continued appearance on our lists before long.

Colombian yellow

The most requested frog of late has been the mint terribilis. We have tads again of this frog, but it will be a while yet before they are available; but rest assured, more are coming. We have a limited amount of the yellow blackfoot terribils ready now, with more on the way, and also more of the yellow terribilis will be available soon as well. We have tadpoles again of the yellow and as well as the green aureotania, so if you are looking to round out your Phyllobates collection, or looking to add a very underappreciated frog to your collection these are frogs to consider. We have a little too many Phyllobates vittatus in stock, and have reduced pricing on those.

Speaking of reduced pricing, we have some great deals on the groups of 4 monte cristo fantastica, and Cruziohyla calcarifer. Hopefully at these sale prices our overstock will not last long.

Speaking of overstock, Mantella viridis and expectata, both can be had very cheaply now. Two great species, now on super sale.

We hope to get our aurantiaca, crocea and other Mantella breeding soon so that they will be ready for late fall.

As always, the Ranitomeya breeding outdoes everybody else, and our availability is pretty deep at the moment.

Our next US shipment is scheduled for June 4th with orders due by May 22nd. For our customers in the EU, we will be shipping to Dutch Rana in the very near future and hopefully to Dendroworld and Hobbyzoo Anura in the coming months.

For enthusiasts in the Ottawa/Gatineau area we are happy to announce that for the first time ever, we will be attending the Expo in Gatineau on April 22nd. We should have a good supply of frogs , plants & feeders but feel free to contact us for an availability list or to pre-order so that we can be sure to bring exactly what you want

Finally for Canada, we have lots of great terrarium plants available now, and many more varieties on the way. We also are culturing several varieties of Isopods, and have a few more varieties of springtails in the works too. For those looking to increase the clean up crews or add to the diversity in their bio active terrariums please keep us in mind!

As always, thanks for your patronage!