Understory Update – January 2019

Wishing all of you a peaceful, joyous and prosperous New Year! Looking ahead into 2019, it is already looking to be a busy one. The Expo season is off to an early start, with the first Expo of the year scheduled for January 27th at the new home of the Expo, the International Centre. The venue is a great home for the Expo and we look forward to a full Expo schedule.

Due to other commitments and endeavours outside of the frog world we will be exporting to the US only two, possibly three times this year instead of the customary four times. The first will be in early April followed by one or two shipments in the fall. As usual the import and distribution responsibilities will be handled by Indoor Ecosystems.

We are steadily expanding our stock and diversity of vivarium plants. In addition to cuttings we will begin offering established mounted and/or potted plants of many species. Please look for these to begin appearing on the pricelists by early February.

For the isopod enthusiasts we have a fairly nice availability of both interesting and utilitarian species for the bioactive terrarium. Watch for these to finally make it on the website in January.

Our Mantella are cycling now and we hope to have them breeding again by the early spring. There seems to have been a modest surge in interest in these species and we hope to be able to produce enough to supply both our wholesale and retail customers. The dart frogs as usual are producing well and a major focus of our efforts this year will be towards increased production of the Dendrobates species so as to diversify the variety we can offer to not only our international distributors and wholesale buyers but to our retail market here in Canada as well. As usual our Ranitomeya continue to breed well, and our Phyllobates are just starting again as well.

Best wishes,
Understory Enterprises Inc.