Update July 2022

We hope everyone is enjoying the summer, sun, some BBQs and good health!

We have finally begun exporting plants. Our unique selection of terrarium plants is now available for shipping worldwide. Monthly facility inspections by the CFIA ensure that we can receive phytosanitary certificates in an expedient fashion. This means that the time from when you place your order until the time you receive your plants should be as little as 2 or 3 weeks. Please contact us for more information and assistance.

For US based Customers we are extremely happy to expand our partnership with Indoor Ecosystems. Available now for direct ordering on indoorecosystems.com is our unique collection of plants propagated here in Canada by Understory Enterprises. Plants will be exported/imported in ~monthly batches via Atlanta, Georgia and will ship directly to your door! Selection will be updated on a regular basis, with new offerings added each month to keep things interesting.

We have assembled a unique and diverse offering of small tropical plants that thrive in dart frog vivaria. Drawing heavily on our imported stock from Peru, many of these plants are the exact species found in the dendrobatid biotopes of Peru, as well as Ecuador, and Colombia. Going forward we hope that these plants will bring an unprecedented level of authenticity and opportunity for those looking to create truly biotope/species-specific vivaria. For example:

Philodendron pierrelianum “Darkside” – This is a rare species from the lowland rainforests of Eastern Loreto, Peru. It grows epiphytically low in the understory. This small species with dark foliage grows quite slowly lending it well to terrarium use. It also grows quite nicely as a mounted specimen. Moderate to low light will help it maintain the rich, dark coloration of the foliage. For dart frog enthusiasts looking to create biotope specific vivaria this plant is found growing alongside Ranitomeya reticulata, amazonica and quite possibly uakarii. The ranges of Ameerega hahneli and bilinguis likely overlap as well.

Our next frog export to the US will take place in late October. We are in the process of taking inventory so that we will have an availability list ready in the next few days. If you have already contacted us about this, we will get the list out to you asap. If you are interested in our captive bred dart frog offerings don’t hesitate to get in touch, we will have a nice selection of frogs available for October. Some for the first time in several years. As always all of Export/Import requirements for these frogs are handled by ourselves and Indoor Ecosystems. All the customer has to do is be home to receive the package 😊

We are working hard to expand again our breeding colonies and our output and hope to be able to make export of frogs available to other countries soon.

Thanks as always for your support!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!