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Dendrobates auratus "Blue and Bronze"

Dendrobates auratus "Blue and Bronze"

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All domestic (Canadian) frog shipments must be shipped with Reptile Express. These shipments have to be booked by us directly with Reptile Express and thus we are not able to offer the direct online purchasing for the frogs at this time. Please email us or call to place an order for frogs.

This highly variable Panamanian morphis quite large as far as auratus go.  Our stock was imported from Simply Natural Dart frogs in the early 2000's when the Panamanian were coming in faster than anyone could keep up with.  Unfortunately in those early imports most of the auratus without locality data, and were seemingly an afterthought in these imports which were butressed by a seemingly endless assortment of (generally new to the hobby) Oophaga pumilio morphs.  Despite being overshadowed by the pumilio some truly spectacular auratus made their way into the hobby, many for the first time.  

These like many auratus these can be shy initially but will embolden once acclimated to their new terrarium.  Layered foliage which will diffuse the lighting in the lower reaches of the terrarium will help encourage them to move more freely and openly throughout the terrarium.

It is worth noting that this morph is highly variable in pattern.  Many specimens have much more blue than others, while some are decidely more turquoise than blue.  The bronze/brown base colour will often lighten significantly with age, which in my opinion only adds to their appeal.

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