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Dendrobates leucomelas "Standard"

Dendrobates leucomelas "Standard"

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All domestic (Canadian) frog shipments must be shipped with Reptile Express. These shipments have to be booked by us directly with Reptile Express and thus we are not able to offer the direct online purchasing for the frogs at this time. Please email us or call to place an order for frogs.

The yellow banded or bumble bee frog as it is often affectionately called is consistently one of the most popular species amongst enthusiasts. Though it is represented in captivity by comparatively few phenotypes, the bold nature and beautiful call more than compensate. Leucomelas is a truly spectacular vivarium inhabitant that does especially well when kept in groups. This is an excellent beginner species that is affordably priced and is very hardy and forgiving of little mistakes that sometimes happen when first starting out in the hobby.

Found primarily in Venezuela, recent exports (circa 2007/8) of wild caught animals from Guyana have come in, including the large "Guyana Banded" form.

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