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Epipedobates anthonyi "Santa Isabella"

Epipedobates anthonyi "Santa Isabella"

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All domestic (Canadian) frog shipments must be shipped with Reptile Express. These shipments have to be booked by us directly with Reptile Express and thus we are not able to offer the direct online purchasing for the frogs at this time. Please email us or call to place an order for frogs.

Several stunning morphs of this lovely Ecuadorian species are now represented in the hobby largely thanks to the work of WIKIRI.  These frogs are nearly unbeatable for those looking for a robust beautiful species with a nice call and which reproduces readily in captivity.  

The Santa Isabella morph is widely heralded as ideal beginner species.  I could not agree more, they are bold, do wonderfully communally, are both hardy and easily breed, and they have a nice call.  What is not to love?

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