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Philodendron aff. brandtianum "Peru"

Philodendron aff. brandtianum "Peru"

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This lovely plant appears to be broadly distributed north eastern Amazonian Peru.  We have encountered it from the Amazonian lowland forests of Loreto to the premontane frorests of the Cordillera escallera (to heights approachin 1000 masl).  Its is often found growing in the deep shade of the understory.  In cultivation the silvery/white markings develop the most intensely when grown in extremely low light.  Excellent as a terrarium plant as it is modest sized and not an overyly aggressive plant.  Will adapt well as a houseplant for those patient enough to allow it the adaptation period for more arid conditions outside the terrarium.  Our stock originates from near Tarapoto, Peru.  This plant grows naturally in the habitat of many poison frogs including Ranitomeya variabilis, imitator, fantastica, summersi, reticulata, amazonica and uakari and likely yavricola and flavovittatta as well.  Ameerga bassleri, pongoensisi, trivitatta, hahneli, parvula and Cryptophyllobates azuriventris.

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