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Philodendron sp. "Dwarf Borja Ridge"

Philodendron sp. "Dwarf Borja Ridge"

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This is a really nice relatively compact growing Philodendron that was originally collected along the remote Borja Ridge in Eastern San Martin, Peru.  It grows throughout the broader expanse of lowland forest that once covered the terrain between Pongo De Caynarachi and Barranquita.  This region has been extensively deforested to allow for the expansion of oil palm plantations in the regions.  Due to its small size it is well suited for terrariums.  Its foliage remains small with leaves generally staying less than 4cm.  The extremely wide petiole is one of the defining characteristics of this species.  Grows in situ alongside the poison frogs Ranitomeya fantastica (Lowland, Reticulated and probably Caynarachi, and True Nominal)  Ranitomeya variabilis (Borja Ridge, Rodyll and other similar lowland varieties) Ranitomeya imitator (Lowland forms akin to Yurimaguas) Ameerega pongoensis, trivitatta, hahneli, Cryptophyllobates azuriventris

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