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Phyllobates terribilis

Phyllobates terribilis

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All domestic (Canadian) frog shipments must be shipped with Reptile Express. These shipments have to be booked by us directly with Reptile Express and thus we are not able to offer the direct online purchasing for the frogs at this time. Please email us or call to place an order for frogs.

Feared by bureaucrats, lawmakers and the uniformed, ignorance prevails and terribilis (and other phyllobates species) are now banned in the Canadian Provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. Captive bred and raised Phyllobates terribilis do not possess the same toxin profile as their wild counterparts and are completely benign.

These frogs are hardy and make excellent captives. Their bold nature ensures their near constant visibility in the vivarium, and their willingness to take larger food items (up to 3/8" crickets) makes them ideally suited to beginning or experienced keepers alike.

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