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Pumice Rocks (Peruvian Grey) 1lb

Pumice Rocks (Peruvian Grey) 1lb

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Pumice is a wonderful hardscaping material.  It is lightweight and porous so it allows the colonization of microfauna and beneficial bacteria to help maintain and promote a healthy environment.  Due to its porous nature it holds water and releases humidity at a steady rate into the terrarium helping maintain healthy humidity levels while decreasing the frequency of misting required.  This aids the growth of many delicate plants such as many epiphytic ferns, lycophytes and orchids which often suffer atleast in part due to overmisting and over watering in the terrarium.  When cut and siliconed to the background with the spaces between stones packed with moist (dead) spagnum moss, even a beginner hobbyist can create and attractive and functional environment that will foster the growth of a wonderful diverty of plants and maintain a healthy and stable envirnment for your frogs or other terrarium inhabitants. 

The lighweight and interesting visual appearance of the pumice also lends itself well to aquascaping uses

The size and shapes of the rocks are variable, from fist size or smaller to basketball sized boulders.  If you prefer larger, smaller or something unique please be sure to mention it.  Otherwise we ship out pieces at our discretion, selecting ones we deem appropriate for average terrarium use.

One pound of pumice rock is roughly equivalent to the size of 2 adult mens fists.  the picture included of the terrarium with a background measureing 24" x 22" used approximately 21 pounds for the coverage seen.  

Preparation before use:

We recommend the following steps

1) soak fully submerged for 24-48 hours.

2) Bake in oven at ~350F for 45 minutes orboild for 10 - 15  mintues. 

3) if siliconing to background allow to fully dry prior to applying silicone.

Following these steps will help ensure the rocks are sterile when adding them to your terrarium environment.

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