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Ranitomeya flavovittata

Ranitomeya flavovittata

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All domestic (Canadian) frog shipments must be shipped with Reptile Express. These shipments have to be booked by us directly with Reptile Express and thus we are not able to offer the direct online purchasing for the frogs at this time. Please email us or call to place an order for frogs.

This interesting frogs is the sister species to R. vanzolini, which is distributed several hundred kilometers to the south. Flavovittata as far as is currently known is distributed sporadically in lowland forest in the vicinities of the quebradas Tamshiyacu and Tauhuayo. Though it does occupy a relatively small range, much of it falls within the Reserva Communal Tamshiyacu Tauhuayo, thus affording it some degree of protection.

Flavovittata is an interesting terrarium animal which in our experience is a moderately bold species presenting no specific husbandry challenges. Though reproduction is often not as prolific as with other members of the imitator groups, it is by no means difficult to achieve in the terrarium. 

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