Collection: Ranitomeya

These small species of the genus Ranitomeya have been affectionately nicknamed "Thumbnails" by hobbyists.  Most species of Ranitomeya grow to reach a size somewhere in the neighbourhood of 2 cm.  Though small, their vibrant coloration and often charismatic behaviour have garnered them increasing popularity amongst hobbyists.  They are really no more difficult to maintain than larger species of the genus Dendrobates and maintain the advantage that a group of Ranitomeya will consume far less food than will a group of Dendrobates, Phyllobates or Ameerega.  

Ranitomeya are distributed through Eastern Peru, the South East of Ecuador, Southwestern Colombia, sporadically through Brazil and as far East as French Guyanna.  Of the 16 Species of Ranitomeya, 14 of them are distributed in Peru.